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New Furnace Installation, Hampton & Newport News, VA

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You rely on your furnace or heating system to keep your family comfortable during the cold winter months. Usually, a furnace will last between 15 – 20 years, but this is dependent upon proper installation and regular upkeep and maintenance. Replacing your old, worn out furnace with a modern, efficient unit can keep your family comfortable and save you money.

If you have an older furnace that you think may need to be replaced, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Are furnace repairs becoming more and more frequent?
  • Are you seeing yellowish flames instead of blue? If this is the case, call an expert HVAC company immediately!
  • Does your furnace seem to be running more frequently, or struggling to keep your house warm?
  • Is your furnace clunking or making other strange noises?
  • Are there funny smells coming from your furnace?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time to talk to one of the HVAC pros at Benchmark Heating & Cooling. We can help you find a modern, efficient furnace perfectly suited for your home – and we have financing options available.

How Can a New Furnace Save Money?

Nobody looks forward to spending money on a new furnace, but modern furnaces are significantly more energy efficient than units from just a few years back. A new furnace will not only run better and keep your family more comfortable, it will likely cost much less to heat your house than your exsiting heating system, and you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint! It’s a win for you and a win for the environment.

Tips to Help Maintain Your Furnace

Your brand-spanking new furnace has just been professionally installed, and is running perfectly – here is how you keep it that way:

Like all mechanical devices, your new furnace requires regular maintenance to ensure it continues to run smoothly and efficiently; this will save you money, and ensure that a small issue doesn’t become a larger problem down the road.

  • Yearly HVAC Tune Up – this will ensure that your furnace is running as efficiently as possible, and we can identify and fix issues that could become larger problems down the road.
  • Clean your Furnace – keep the area around your furnace free and clear of any obstructions. Change your furnace filter every 90 days…more if you have pets or live with someone with allergies. Purchase several filters at a time, to ensure that you always have one ready to go. Smart or WIFI thermostats can alert you when your filter needs to be changed. Clean any dust or dirt from the unit.
  • Upgrade your Thermostat – Modern, WIFI enabled thermostats can improve the efficiency of your heating system and save you money on your utility bills. Look into rebates from you city or county, often there are incentives to make this easy upgrade.

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