24/7 Emergency Furnace Repair

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24/7 Emergency Furnace Repair, Hampton & Newport News, VA

If your furnace quits working after hours or in the middle of the night, you need a reliable and affordable home heating contractor on speed dial. The team at Benchmark Heating & Cooling are standing-by and waiting for your call for all furnace emergencies (Mon – Sat.). When your furnace or heating system breaks down or is blowing cold air, don’t wait, call 757-890-4872 now. We provide 24/7 emergency furnace service to Hampton, Newport News, South Hampton Roads and the Virginia Peninsula.

Our heating and air conditioning experts can solve your heating issues and get your furnace back online, quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re in need of basic repairs or you need your whole heating system replaced, there is nothing our team can’t handle.

When your Furnace Breaks Down, Count on the Team at Benchmark Heating & Cooling:

Emergency Furnace Repair, Hampton & Newport News, VA

The HVAC pros at Benchmark Heating & Cooling know that a broken furnace can be a streessful time. You are concerned about your family’s comfort, worried about the cost, and wonder just how long the whole process will take. We promise to be upfront about pricing, will diagnose your issue quickly, and will give you options that work with your budget and needs. Call today to talk to one of our HVAC specialists. We’re waiting for your call!

  • Fast Diagnosis of Furnace or Heating Problem

  • Never an Overtime Charge, Even for Nights, Weekends or Holidays.

  • Guaranteed Repairs, Done Right the First Time.

  • Licensed, Courteous, Trustworthy HVAC Technicians you can Count On.

How to Avoid Emergency Furnace Repair

Your furnace breaks down in the middle of the night, and you ask yourself…”Is there anything I could have done to prevent this? How do I avoid this in the future?”

Like all mechanical devices, your furnace requires regular maintenance to ensure it continues to run smoothly and efficiently; this will save you money, and ensure that a small issue doesn’t become a larger problem down the road.

  • One of the best things a homeowner can do to ensure a properly running furnace is to change out the air filter on a regular basis. HVAC professionals recommend that you replace your furnace filter every 90 days. More often if you live with pets or someone in the house suffers from allergies. If you don’t remember how long it’s been since you’ve changed out your furnace filter, it’s definitely time. Modern, Smart or Wifi thermostats will often have a feature that can remind you when it’s time to replace your air filter. When you are at the store, grab a two- or three-pack, and you’ll be set.
  • Schedule regular furnace maintenance from an reputable heating contractor. Your heating and AC system should be checked out at least once a year by a professional. At this time, our professional HVAC techs will clean and inspect parts that commonly malfunction – this includes the fan, air filter, pilot light, heat exchanger and more.
  • The life expectancy of a furnace is around 15 – 20 years – this can change dramatically based on how the furnace was installed and whether the unit was maintained properly over the years. If your heating system is nearing the end of its life, it is time to schedule a consultation with one of our comfort experts. We can help you find the right heating system for your budget and needs.

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